Microsoft Ignite Conference

October 13, 2016

Two weeks ago, I attended the Microsoft Ignite Conference. It was an impressive showing with lots to see and learn.

The theme of the conference was definitive – technology will continue to fuel innovation and transformation in all industries and Microsoft intends to offer best in class systems to ensure this occurs securely, reliably, and with unlimited scale.


When it comes to data security, Microsoft has put incredible resources into the process and technologies securing their data centers, enabling automated self-healing of resources where possible, and ensuring every action is appropriately audited and tracked. They are equipped to control private and public company data in ways that small and medium organizations cannot do on their own.

In addition, each of their product offerings, including Office 365, offer new and more transparent ways to review, report, and understand security and compliance.


Moving forward, analytics will be key to all organizations. Microsoft is going the distance to deeply understand how customers using their products spend their days and how things get done. The intelligence enabled here will allow a deeper look at how employees and teams work.  Microsoft continues to expand their PowerBI platform to many different products and sources to provide at-the-ready intelligence across the entire organization.


We learned a lot about the future of Azure at Ignite. The Azure Security Center has evolved into a great resource for understanding the security posture of all Azure Servers. It enables a quick view of many missing features, protections, and resources, and allow server administrators to quickly take action to improve.

The Azure Operations Management Suite is gaining more functionality for oversite of Azure as well as on-premise server infrastructures.

Azure encryption options made big changes as well, it now allows customers to choose if and when servers and data are encrypted. It also allows more flexibility in choosing where encryption keys are stored, and how companies can revoke access to the keys and data at any time.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is pushing to take businesses to the next level through improved phone and conference solutions. These features will make setting up a remote office easier than ever, meaning companies can expand to new regions or areas with little to no effort.


To ensure our clients have the most current information, we are staying up-to-date with all of the happenings at Microsoft. We continue to dedicate focus and resources to the topics above as well as numerous other Microsoft and other technologies discussed at the event.