New Faces

October 17, 2016

As we welcome some new additions to the GadellNet team, we wanted to share a little about them with you. Get to know a few of these new faces. Some of these people could work with you directly, and others will be working a little more behind the scenes.




Kristen Maxwell is our Jr. Deployment Specialist. When we have new technology to push out, she will be on the team to coordinate these efforts. She will work closely with internal and external staff to ensure all deployments go smoothly. This means little to no interruption in service for you.



PatriciaVargas is our newest Service Desk Coordinator. She is our second Service Desk Coordinator and will help to make sure all tickets are assigned to the right people. Her contributions to the team will impact our level of service directly as she helps you get exactly what you need in a timely manner.




Nick Zulaf is our newest Systems Engineer. Nick is excited to be part of GadellNet’s growth. He will assist the existing systems engineering team, allowing us to take on more than we could before.





Ben Studebaker joins GadellNet as a Software Engineer. He brings several years of experience with him from a larger company and is excited to work a little closer with the clients here at GadellNet, providing a greater value while making personal connections.