Outlook Shortcuts

April 25, 2016

Do you spend a lot of time in Outlook? Many of us here at GadellNet certainly do. Mastering Outlook is essential for a productive and successful day. You probably know your way around by now, but do you know all of the keyboard shortcuts that can make it so much quicker to navigate and use Outlook? Keyboard shortcuts can be hard to get started with – remembering them all and implementing them isn’t always your first instinct, but once you have them down, you will be glad. You might also really impress all of your coworkers.

Here are some of our favorites:

Ctrl + Shift + M          Compose New Message

Ctrl + Shift + A           New Appointment

Ctrl + Shift + Q          Create Meeting Request

Ctrl + Shift + C          Add New Contact

Ctrl + Shift + K          Pile Up New Task

Ctrl + Shift + L          Create Distribution List

Ctrl + Shift + E          Create New Folder

Ctrl + Shift + P          Create New Search Folder

Ctrl + Shift + U          Request a Task

Ctrl + Shift + J           Make Journal Entry