Personality Testing, a CEO’s Perspective

August 31, 2016

We take a lot of pride in our hiring process and set out to find the person who has both the technical skills and the personality to fit our team.  Finding the right blend of empathy and analytical skills, especially in the IT space, is daunting and overwhelming.  Talented technology professionals don’t always have the people skills that we are looking for, and the most charming of individuals often don’t have the ability to see root cause when tackling complex technology issues. When hiring, we look for candidates that display our values, have a desire to help others and have an innate hunger for IT.   

On average, we interview 30 candidates for each job opening.  Qualified candidates go through an extensive interview process and have several interviews before we extend an offer.  The first interview is with our HR Leader and is values based.  We ask questions that align with our values and weeds out candidates that don’t fit our mold.

All candidates at this time are sent our personality survey.  Once we receive their survey back, and it is the correct profile for the role that we are hiring for, they meet with one of our IT leaders for a technical interview.  During this phase, we are able to determine their skill level and decide if they are able to move to the final round of interviews.

Once this has been determined, the candidate is brought into our office for a panel interview consisting of peers and management.  This is a behavioral based interview and allows for us to gauge their interaction with others, and allows us to see how they would respond in certain situations.

When we say our people are what make us the best, we mean it.

In 2013, the national average for turnover in IT was 31%, our turnover is around 6%.  These personality tools ensure that we hire the right candidates, to keep our turnover significantly lower than the national average.    Yes, we are just that picky.

Why Personality Testing?

Ensuring our customers are happy is our number 1 priority, however, a close 2nd is our Culture.   We have worked hard to create an awesome work culture for our employees.  Our company was built on strong values and we provide excellent benefits including PTO, flexible work environment, insurance and development opportunities for our employees. One thing that has a huge impact on our employees is the attitude and personality of managers and co-workers.  We searched for ways to predict the behavior of an employee before bringing them on board.

We know that If we hire the wrong person, it could threaten the culture we have built and the success of the team.  It is much more cost effective to keep, train, and nurture the employees we have versus hiring new. If someone doesn’t pan out, we are out thousands of dollars to replace that person.

There are many different tools out there that will help you predict an employees’ behavior once they are on the job.   It’s not a tool that can be used in isolation – but when your business relies on people – every data point counts.