Security Breach at Target- Shop With Caution

December 19, 2013

By: the GadellNet Update Team

Shoppers be careful!  Almost 40 million Target customers had their credit and debit card information stolen by thieves over a recent 19 day period.  Even though thieves will only be able to use a small percentage of data taken from those cards, there are some immediate precautions to consider as this shopping season continues.

  1. Cancel and replace your debit/credit card(s)- even though federal regulations ensure you will get your money back, you may still be responsible for unexpected fees (such as a bounced check).
  2. The black magnetic strip on the card stores essentially everything thieves need: name, credit card number, CVV codes, etc.
  3. This can lead to identity theft
  4. The chances your card will get used by a thief is about 5%

While this happened at Target, and according to Target the issues has been “identified and resolved,” it’s very important to exersize caution when shopping in general.  Always make sure to check your statements and watch them thoroughly throughout the billing cycle to catch any fraud as early as possible!

If you need to contact the credit reporting agencies, their contact information is: or (800) 525-6285 , or (888) 397-3742, and or (800) 680-7289.