Team Changes at GadellNet

February 17, 2022

A note from our CEO

We are excited to announce a series of promotions to provide more depth, knowledge, and capacity to serve your IT and cybersecurity needs. These opportunities reflect our commitment to improving our ability to deliver quality service, to protect your business from cyber threats, to onboard top tech talent, and to advance the overall client experience. These new roles will create more space for me to ensure we are investing in the right places and prioritizing the correct future initiatives for your organization.

Effective immediately, Brad Hettenhausen has been promoted to the role of President and Chief Information Officer. Since 2014, Brad has been instrumental in the advancement and evolution of our cybersecurity and consulting practices to stay ahead of business trends and the ever-changing threat landscape. Brad will execute strategy, lead our client experience and solutions teams, and provide guidance to harmonize GadellNet under his demonstrated and valued leadership. If you know Brad well, you know he is a passionate and brilliant IT and people leader. 

Joe Gadell and I will retain our roles as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer, respectively.

Joe and I could not be more thrilled at this opportunity for Brad, and what it will mean for your business, too. Brad holds an MBA and a BA in Management Information Systems from Saint Louis University. He also carries the CISSP designation from his background in cybersecurity and compliance. In addition to Brad, we have several other familiar leaders growing in their roles to make sure we continue to have incredible interactions with your team while strengthening our overall partnership together. 

Jared Sangeorzan, VP of Managed Services, will be responsible for managing the delivery of superior service and creating new efficiencies to meet your help desk needs. 
Scott Seaborn, VP of Cybersecurity, will continue to lead and grow his team to be proactive analysts, automation engineers, and leading cybersecurity experts to keep your people and data safe.
Nick Robinson, VP of Strategic Services, will continue to lead our strategic consulting group to develop and bring your IT strategy to practice. 
Ashley Pyle, Chief Experience Officer (CXO), will focus on the customer journey while leading account management, marketing, and sales partnership teams. 
Jenn von Sothen, VP of Human Resources, will continue to win the “talent war” in leading her team to find, hire, train and retain top IT talent to serve your business in a very competitive industry.  

Please join Joe and me in congratulating these team members as they advance our mission of powering your mission.