About Gadellnet

    Cate Redfern

    Account Manager

    Cate Redfern is an Account Manager at GadellNet. She started in this role in 2022 and has worked in consulting for over 20 years. Before becoming an Account Manager, she held positions as a Principal Consultant, the Director of Strategic Projects, and the Director of Marketing Development. This experience gives Cate a deep knowledge to draw on to help her guide her clients.

    Cate’s education background lies in Marketing. Cate is an excellent strategic thinker, and problem solver,. She and is great at understating the big picture while also identifying core strategic focus areas for development and transformation.

    In addition to working as an Account Manager, Cate serves on the boards of several Nonprofit organizations in St. Louis including Unhoused STL, IHELP, and Yoga Pipeline Foundation.

    When Cate is not working hard for GadellNet clients or giving her time to local nonprofits, she enjoys hiking, camping and live music.