About Gadellnet

    Deven Mohan

    System Engineer

    Deven went to college in Ohio at Bowling Green State University for his associates in Computer Science Technology and then transferred to the University of Akron for his bachelors in Computer Information Systems. He worked for 6 years at a hospital in Bellevue, Ohio as a student and then full time as a Systems Analyst. He enjoyed working closely alongside nurses, physicians, office staff and administrative staff and to be apart of a caring hospital culture. The culture at GadellNet reminds him of that same family feel.

    What's your favorite job perk?
    Obviously the extra soft toilet paper, JK……Working from home is nice! (Get to sleep in a little more)

    How would you describe GNet's culture?
    GadellNet’s culture is hardworking, supportive and driven!

    What sets GNet apart?
    From day 1 you feel part of the team and are able to make an immediate impact. Also, enjoy that GadellNet cares about it’s employees and being flexible.

    What are you a HUGE fan of?
    Living life to the fullest! No Raaagrets!