Tech for your Backyard

April 27, 2017

It’s warming up! The time has come again for backyard barbecues, hanging out on the deck, and taking your evening meals al fresco. Getting the most out of your back yard can be aided by a few technologies, most of which can be controlled through your smartphone. Whether you are entertaining the masses or just having a quiet evening in the backyard with your family, use a few of these technologies to make your backyard your oasis.

1. Leave the grill without worry

If you’re the grill master, there have always been certain sacrifices you had to make. Manning the grill means you miss out on tossing the football, mingling with your guests, and maybe even grabbing another beer. Tech is here to save the day. Now, you can get an app on your phone that connects with a digital thermometer which monitors your food and sends an alert when your food is at your desired temperature. You don’t have to choose between burning the chicken and enjoying your party with the Grill Alert app. 

2. Outdoor Theater

What could be better than grabbing a movie with the family right there in your backyard, under the stars? There are a few options for this. You can get a weatherproof TV and leave it outdoors or you can buy a projector. The TV can be mounted to the outside of your house and you can build an outdoor living space around it. A projector will be much more cost effective, the basic options start around $45 on Amazon. You can also stream shows and movies from your Apple device and dock it on a projector, like the Epson iProjection. There are tons of projectors on the market, including those meant for outdoor use. Read reviews and find the right combination of features to fit your budget and lifestyle.

3. Rock Speakers

These hidden tech tools have been on the market for quite some time, but we’re still talking about them because they are so handy. You can connect them to your mobile device and play music, use them for your outdoor theater, and work them right into the landscaping. These speakers are very resilient and made to withstand the elements. The rock speakers have been very popular, but there are many options on the market. You can find speakers that are portable, solar-powered, wireless, and even hidden underground. The best part, most of them connect to your device through Bluetooth and are easy to use.

4. Lighting

Outdoor lighting can absolutely transform your backyard. Lighting up your house, your pool, a small fountain, or just a few solar-powered tiki lights can help your outdoor entertaining seamlessly transition into the evening hours. They can also help you create a backyard centerpiece. Adding lighting into your landscaping also makes your backyard design look very intentional. And guess what – that’s right, you can control the lighting from your phone. Give a few flicks when it’s time for the kids to come in, dim them when it’s just you and your significant other, and turn them off after your backyard party has concluded.