There is time for being intentional with Alex Raymond, Boulder

December 9, 2021

Alex Raymond has lived and traveled all over the world–from the metropolises of Hong Kong, London and Beijing to the small-town tech hub of Boulder, Colorado.

“It’s all about mindset. I want to have friends all over the place. So I spent a lot of time asking, ‘Where would I like to live.'”

Alex’s company, Kapta, is a purpose-built platform for organizations that want to establish, expand, or improve their Key Account Management function. But it didn’t start out that way. As with many startup stories, the initial idea wasn’t gaining traction. Instead of giving up, Alex and his business partner made a massive pivot, fundamentally transforming Kapta to serve a new market.

How did he do it? By embracing the Zero Excuses mentality, focusing on what he could control, and being intentional about life and business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on what you can control
  • Be intentional about the life you want to build.
  • Don’t under-invest in the humans working in your business

Things to listen for: 

[01:34] – Lessons learned traveling the world

[06:20] – Alex’s entrepreneurial journey

[10:26] – Making the shift from HR to AM

[17:49] – Asking the right questions

[21:24] – Defining “success” for account management

[25:02] – Getting the right people

[27:39] – What is a “conscious entrepreneur”?

After You Listen: 

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