There is time for changing the playing field with Seth Goldman, Bethesda, Maryland

July 14, 2022

Seth Goldman knows what it means to pursue projects you’re passionate about..

He co-founded Honest Tea and is now the Chief Change Agent at Eat the Change. He’s also launching the new brand, Just Ice Tea, which focuses on just relationships with the supply trade and fair trade farms they source from.

Acting on issues he cares about is important to Seth. He takes the time to change the playing field by engaging in and embracing important topics and making sure everyone involved in the process knows they are needed and respected.

How does Seth find the drive to create something impactful? By making Zero Excuses and acting on his values. 

Key Takeaways:

– Pursue what you’re passionate about

– Engage and embrace issues

– Karma really matters 

Things to listen for: 

[02:02] How Honest Tea got started

[08:04] Respecting each part of the team

[11:36] The importance of a quality product

[12:57] Why doing good matters

[15:39] The aptitude to create meaningful change

[22:28] Finding creative ways to tell your story

[25:21] What the future holds for Seth

[26:56] Motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs 

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