There is time for improv comedy with Tyler Mayer, Indianapolis

June 24, 2021

Tyler Mayer considered taking the cloth before he became an educator, a path that led him to his current role as the President and CEO of Providence Cristo Rey, a faith-based college and career prep high school. 

There he helps kids become the best version of themselves. “If you don’t show up every day striving to make that connection with those students and give it your all and run down the hill they’re going to see right through you.”

Tyler coaches “running down the hill” a rule of improv comedy that calls for you to fully commit to whatever you’re doing. Tyler applies that philosophy to all aspects of his life.

How does he go all in, all the time? He makes Zero Excuses, and you can, too, if you’re willing to run down the hill.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you give it your all, people will buy in and jump on board
  • Change starts with investing in one person at a time
  • Building relationships requires you to be an active listener and value others ideas

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:29] Tyler’s path to becoming an educator
  • [04:43] How comedy improv rules inspire Tyler
  • [06:45] “Running down the hill” explained
  • [09:00] Tyler’s move to Providence Cristo Rey High School
  • [11:37] Disparate starting lines
  • [14:23] What Providence Cristo Rey offers students
  • [15:27] Getting students to see their capable of more
  • [17:12] What Providence Cristo Rey demands of the businesses they work with
  • [20:43] Making a difference starts with one person

After You Listen:

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