There is time for investing in others with Blake Behr, Indianapolis

July 8, 2021

Blake Behr never imagined he would start his own company, but, as the saying goes, never say never. Now he’s President of Ridgeline Electrical Industries.

A terrible work environment pushed him to make the leap and create a place where people actually enjoyed working. Pretty crazy concept, right?

Basic things like showing appreciation and creating a positive culture might sound easy enough but require a lot of time and serious commitment – something many bosses aren’t willing to invest in. Blake invests in his employees and students (he also teaches at a trade school) personally and professionally because he knows from experience how much influence people have when they take the time to invest in others.

How does he make time for it all? He makes Zero Excuses, and you can, too.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you invest in others, it comes back to you in spades
  • You’ll never know if something works or not if you never commit to trying
  • People are only loyal if you give them a reason to be

Things to Listen For:

  • [01:32] Why Blake started his own company
  • [03:23] What makes people enjoy their jobs
  • [04:35] Leaning into core values when the going gets tough
  • [05:09] How COVID made everyday communication more meaningful 
  • [06:29] Taking the time to invest in development and growth
  • [07:10] The excuses bosses use for not investing in work culture
  • [10:57] Building talent rather than trying to find it
  • [11:25] Why leaders need to always be improving themselves
  • [13:23] What experience really means
  • [14:42] Investing in someone personally and professionally
  • [15:02] Blake’s hiring process
  • [19:22] The signs of success from Blake’s approach
  • [22:36] Blake’s motivation for impacting others

After You Listen:

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