There is time for maximizing connection with Lindsay Tjepkema, Indianapolis

July 29, 2022

Lindsay Tjepkema grew up with the idea that connections and friends are a luxury. Now she realizes to be successful, a support system is extremely important.

With this knowledge, Lindsay stepped out of the career she had built for herself to become the CEO and Co-founder of Casted, a venture-backed SaaS business in the marketing technology space.

Casted gives her and others a platform to access content to make it valuable. It empowers b2b marketers to maximize the power of connection with this creative content.

How does Lindsay keep up the momentum? By making Zero Excuses and embracing the uncertainty that comes with any leadership position. 

Key Takeaways:

– It’s okay to embrace uncertainty

– Be the change you want to see

– Everyone needs a clear understanding of the role they play

– Listen more than you speak 

Things to listen for: 

[03:39] The challenges of running a business

[05:29] The importance of a strong support system

[07:59] What made Lindsay start Casted

[09:56] How to inspire the community you work with

[12:02] Representing diversity in the workplace

[14:16] The benefits of being truly vulnerable

[21:55] The importance of embracing uncertainty

[28:03] What is entrepreneurial motivation? 

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