There is time for meaningful connection with Adam Vandoski, Indianapolis

November 11, 2021

So often we rush through meals but Adam Vandoski hopes to make eating a shared experience again with his company the Vine Society. 

“If you’re going to eat, it might as well be delicious and with people that you love.” That’s Adam’s philosophy. He believes there’s a way to eat in a way that nourishes both your body and your soul. To achieve that, his company provides good food and wine, encouraging people to be purposeful and present with their friends and family. 

With that same philosophy, dinner at Adam’s house is centered around being engaged. How does he find new ways to put in that effort? By making Zero Excuses and getting creative. Listen and learn how you can, too. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Capitalize on the time you have to spend with friends and family
  • Even virtual gatherings can be taken to the next level with intentionality
  • Reflect on what’s important to you and order your life around that

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:11] Adam’s unrealized dream
  • [05:17] The story behind Vine Society
  • [07:57] How a meal becomes more than a meal
  • [10:04] The importance of the family dinner
  • [13:39] The loneliness epidemic 
  • [18:10] Eating in a way that nourishes the soul
  • [19:50] What attracted Adam to wine
  • [23:16] Connecting when far apart with intentionality
  • [27:49] Ordering your life around what’s most important
  • [29:27] How to connect with Adam

After You Listen:

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