There is time for running towards the fire with Kellie Sirna, Dallas, Texas

August 11, 2022

When her job didn’t afford her the flexibility she needed, Kellie Sirna set out on her own and began a life of serial entrepreneurship. Running multiple businesses while also being a single parent has its challenges, but she is skilled in the art of the hustle.

Now the owner of Studio 11 Design and its two sister companies, Kellie focuses on selecting clients that will be a good fit for her team. She takes an individual approach to each employee to ensure she’s building successful partnerships. Listen in to hear Kellie’s thoughts on creating the perfect dream team and how to embrace the unknown.

How does Kellie keep faith in herself and her team? By making Zero Excuses and running towards the fire that scares you. 

Key Takeaways:

– Not trying is your worst-case scenario

– Being in constant survival mode makes it harder to grow

– Don’t be afraid to take on different tasks 

Things to listen for: 

[06:02] Being a single parent and business owner

[06:58] Understanding where your voice is relevant

[08:14] How to form the ideal team

[10:39] The struggles of running a business post-COVID

[14:12] What’s next for Kellie [15:30] “Running towards the fire”

[18:33] The importance of accepting a lack of control

[20:50] Kellie’s methods of taking things one step at a time 

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