There is time for writing your personal playbook with Gary Brackett, Indianapolis

March 3, 2022

Take an inventory of your life. If things aren’t adding up, it’s time to start subtracting.”

Gary Brackett has experienced extreme highs and lows in his life— from being a part of a Superbowl-winning NFL team to filing for bankruptcy and divorce.

In this episode, Gary shares how he learned just as much from failure as he has with success. Achieving what he thought he wanted—status and wealth—put things in perspective, forcing him to realize family and fulfillment are what really matter. Once Gary reset his priorities, he focused on being happy, giving back, and helping others achieve their goals.

How does he keep things in focus? By embracing the Zero Excuses mentality, staying disciplined, and being intentional about staying true to himself.

After You Listen:

Key Takeaways:

  • Strive for the things that fulfill you
  • Failure can make you more dangerous if you’re willing to learn from your mistakes
  • Don’t psych yourself out, things are always much worse in your head than in reality

Things to listen for:

[01:53] “The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack”

[03:20] Leadership lessons from playing with the Colts

[04:33] Having a ‘day one’ mentality [08:04] Keeping your momentum even during dark times

[10:16] Going on the ‘hero’s journey’

[12:27] Gaining perspective on what really matters

[15:45] The Champ Framework

[20:11] Changing your mindset around the word ‘failure’

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