There is time to be bold with Ryan and Kristy Rans, Indianapolis

June 10, 2021

Working side by side with your significant other may sound like a recipe for disaster. And yet, for Ryan and Kristy Rans, it’s something they spent years doing. 

Fast forward. Prime Hospitality Group is thriving under their leadership even during the uncertainty of the pandemic. As Ryan shares, “It happened. Forget about how it happened. What‘s the best way to navigate the waters?” Instead of focusing on what happened, they’re looking ahead at how to overcome any challenge using their“pedal down” mentality. 

How do they manage both their business and relationship? They make Zero Excuses. And you can, too, by embracing their “pedal down” mentality. 

Listen for:

  • When times are tough, pivot and find opportunities others aren’t seeing
  • It’s trite but true, do what you love and love what you do
  • Don’t focus on what’s happening to you. Figure out how to face it

In this episode you will learn:

  • [05:48] Leaning into working together as a couple
  • [08:32] How Ryan and Kristy address business disagreements
  • [10:43] Separating work and personal, or not
  • [13:31] Facing a crisis head on
  • [15:15] Thriving, not just surviving 
  • [17:57] Distance forcing teams to step up
  • [19:53] Finding opportunity in bad situations
  • [22:17] Learning from a crisis 
  • [24:43] When to say yes and no
  • [26:44] Celebrating the journey

After You Listen:

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