There is time to decide you care with Ryan Lewis, Boulder

September 9, 2021

Ryan Lewis is the Founder and CEO of EarthHero, an eco-friendly online marketplace. It’s a business with big goals, namely saving the planet one sustainable purchase at a time. Ryan believes deeply in that cause and has committed to educating the average Joe on how to shop and consume sustainably to further it. 

Still, he sees himself as a family man and nature junkie first and foremost. How does he do it? By balancing his ecological business goals with his personal life, making Zero Excuses, and leaving nothing to circumstance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Decide if you care. If you do – be a part of the solution
  • If you leave things to circumstance, nothing will ever happen. Take action
  • Go at a pace you can sustain to avoid short lived initiatives

Things to Listen For:

  • [02:12] Get to know Ryan
  • [05:24] The importance of a mission statement and values
  • [08:15] The impetus behind EarthHero
  • [09:56] EarthHero’s goals 
  • [12:04] How shopping sustainably can improve your life
  • [13:15] “Do you care?”
  • [17:22] Falling into the comparison trap
  • [20:24] Ryan’s family values
  • [22:39] Finding balance when starting a business
  • [25:23] What makes Ryan uniquely suited to his business
  • [29:24] The firsts step to take on the road to sustainable shopping

After You Listen:

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