There is time to find the silver lining with Katie Doble, Denver

January 20, 2022

Throughout her life, Katie ‘Emoji’ Doble has found herself a statistical outlier. In her teens, she lost her mother to cancer, in her 20’s she struggled with her identity, in her 30’s she was diagnosed with a very rare terminal cancer. Finally, she’s met her 40’s being declared disease-free.

Each of those events has taken its toll, but they’ve also given her perspective on the importance of addressing your emotions, giving yourself grace, and setting boundaries.

How does she maintain positivity in the face of hardship? By embracing the Zero Excuses mentality, meeting her emotions head-on, and removing things in her life that don’t bring her joy. 

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Key Takeaways: 

– Being vulnerable and sharing your emotions helps you heal

– Staying positive is important, but so is admitting the tough emotions

– If you’re miserable, make a change 

Things to listen for: 

[01:59] Why Katie is called ‘Emoji’

[05:46] Katie’s struggle with her changing identity

[08:45] Coming to terms with getting an STD as a virgin

[11:57] Diagnosed with terminal cancer

[15:04] How cancer changed Katie’s work perspectives

[21:18] Staying positive, but not falsely positive

[23:30] Nobody’s perfect

[25:04] “Life is not worth living miserably”

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