There is time to make a difference with Keith Ives, Denver

October 28, 2021

Keith Ives is a humanitarian, empiricist, and leader with a passion for people and impact. His company, Causal Design, creates cultures of evidence and impact among those working to solve the world’s problems.

Keith knows problems like poverty and hunger require more than just volunteerism, so he’s bringing an evidence-based approach to the issue, empowering his clients to do more effective work.

How does he do it? By making Zero Excuses and translating academic research into practical strategies for major impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can blend humanitarianism with business
  • Barriers only exist when you can’t see another option
  • Evidence can be a strong motivator

Things to Listen For:

  • [01:05] Signing up for the Marine Corp
  • [03:00] Economics plays into serving 
  • [04:38] The origin of the spirit of giving back 
  • [05:43] What is the mission of Causal Design?
  • [06:54] Playing the middleman
  • [08:45] Which projects Keith is excited about 
  • [11:55] Where economics meets philosophy
  • [15:54] Minimizing economic barriers
  • [17:59] The mentors that helped Keith get where he is today
  • [21:21] Career specialization vs generalization 
  • [23:01] Keith’s advice for young businesspeople 

After You Listen:

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