There is time to make a greater impact with Gretchen Schott, Fishers, Indiana

September 12, 2022

When we think about professional development, we often look to external resources. For example, if I spend fourteen hours a day working, I’m sure I’ll get that promotion. If I sign on five more clients, I’m doing the best for my business. But sometimes, a results-oriented mindset can end up bogging you down, causing you to plateau.

Gretchen Schott, Chief Learning Officer at Threefold, believes that by changing our own behaviors and beliefs, we can create positive change. She helps companies redirect their focus to individual employees and their overall well-being. By investing more resources into people, you can expect not only new growth but also a more fulfilled team.

How does Gretchen continue to inspire others? By making Zero Excuses and encouraging those around her to reassess their priorities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shared experience helps build community
  • Taking time for yourself is the first step in helping others
  • Invest in your people’s genuine needs

Things to listen for:

[01:50] The importance of a developed staff

[06:18] Wellness and the needs of individual employees

[09:40] What we need to understand to help others

[13:17] Recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses

[17:00] “You are enough.”

[19:07] What you can do to refocus your mindset

[22:42] Making an impact in your community

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