Zero Excuses: There is time for healthy living

March 4, 2021

There is time for healthy living with Erica Ballard, Denver

Erica Ballard thought she knew what “healthy” meant. She exercised 6 times a week, followed the latest food trends, and had been working in the healthcare industry for nearly a decade. Then she realized–she was wrong.

“What I didn’t understand is that the roots of health are stress, sleep, food, and movement. When I realized that, I couldn’t keep selling what I had been selling because it wasn’t true.”

With a no-excuses mindset, Erica set out to understand what healthy living really looks like. Now, she’s no longer a gym rat and doesn’t follow a diet full of “don’ts”. She started her new company, Erica Ballard Health, and works to help people who want to become their healthiest selves by living with no excuses, just like Erica.

Listen for:

  • Getting healthy should feel good
  • Healthy living is not a destination
  • Expecting perfection is a mechanism for failure
  • Don’t over-complicate living healthier

In this episode you will learn:

  • [04:41] – How to navigate the good and bad information
  • [06:58] – Daily habits for success
  • [17:21] – How to be present
  • [23:42] – How to tear down the excuses

After You Listen:

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