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There is time for Zero Excuses | Nick Smarrelli

Seth Morales is the CEO of the Morales Group, and he is passionate about the process of building something from nothing and doing it with purpose. He describes the Morales Group as a cause disguised as a company, and lives each day with the knowledge that businesses don’t grow, people do. He lives out the Zero Excuses lifestyle as well as anyone. 

However, on this episode of Zero Excuses, we are flipping the script. Instead of Nick doing the interviewing, he’ll be on the hot seat while Seth asks the questions. Why? Because you, the listener, wanted to learn more about why Nick is so dedicated to the Zero Excuses mentality and how he lives out the mantra on a daily basis. 

As Nick shares his story–and turns a few questions back on Seth– you’ll gain valuable insights while continuing to hold Nick accountable as we make Zero Excuses together.

After You Listen:

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