Outsourced Small Business IT Consulting Solutions

Outsourced Small Business IT Consulting Solutions

That cliché tech company that started in a basement? Yeah, that’s us. Since our time below ground, we have been on a mission to make Outsourced IT and Tech Consulting a real delight for our customers. Our main services include:

Here’s some interesting statistics from 2017:

  • Average hold time from initiation of call to speaking to an engineer assigned to your ticket is 23 seconds 
  • 82% First Time Resolution
  • 4,000+ Surveys Completed in the past 12 months – 97.2% Happiness Rate
  • 100% of our clients have a 12 month technology budget prepared by our account management team
  • We’ll make you look good! 99.8% Client Retention Rate over the last 5 years!

In order to set ourselves apart, we had to come up with guiding principles that set us apart.

These aren’t just words on a page, they are on our walls, talked about frequently, and lived by our employees every day. Our employees know them by heart. These are how we judge our successes and failures.

Whether you want to join our team, become a partner, or just check in, these are our promises to you. This is the GadellNet Way.

  1. Unleash the potential of schools and businesses. Technology is powerful, you just need the right tools to succeed.
  2. Make IT Happen. No excuses. No matter what. We make an impact, we grow or die, we take 100% responsibility.
  3. Outperform. Outperform the competition. Outperform your former self.
  4. Create superior products. Using unique technical insights and listening to our front-line employees give us an edge with our products.
  5. We’re in it together. As a team, we rely on each other. With our clients, we provide constant support.



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