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Employees working as a team to provide exceptional IT support to clients

Passionate about a career transforming lives through technology? We should talk.

We are a team of IT visionaries with a willingness to roll up our sleeves, dive in and help our clients succeed. To think beyond the status quo. To lead. To be bold and confident. And most of all to be good human beings.

We’re passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives. Whether it’s responding to a help desk call with humility and empathy or developing a new IT solution so kids can learn more meaningfully we treat every challenge as an opportunity to push harder and be better.

Employees working as a team to provide exceptional IT support to clients

GadellNet is consistently highly rated on GlassDoor and LinkedIn. Our client retention is light years beyond industry average. And our benefits are on point. It’s a great position to be in and we don’t take it for granted. Yes we work hard—because our clients rely on us and because we genuinely love what we do.

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What Our Employees are saying

“The team at GadellNet is outstanding all the way around, from the interns to the leaders of the organization. The team is a truly collaborative one, with ideas coming from all around and being implemented all the time.”

This video was created through our partnership with Apprentice University. This video focuses on our Indianapolis team, but the themes and values are universal across GadellNet.

At GadellNet, our values come to life every day and in every action. We know the only way to make an impact is to take full responsibility for the results give and give our all to clients.

We aim to unleash the potential of schools and organizations. Technology is powerful, you just need the right tools to succeed.

  • Make IT Happen. No excuses. No matter what. We make an impact, we grow or die, we take 100% responsibility.
  • Outperform the competition. Outperform your former self.
  • Create superior products. Using unique technical insights and listening to our front-line employees gives us an edge with products.
  • We’re in it together. As a team, we rely on each other. With our clients, we provide constant support.

Current Career Opportunities


Will GadellNet be the right fit for me? 

Check out the video above and the videos on our youtube channel. They’re a great representation of what it’s like to work here. It’s not for everyone, we get that. We need self-starters who play well with others and are thirsty for knowledge. You’ll be supported here, but a lot will be expected of you.

What’s the interview process like? 

We take it step-by-step. First, you’ll have a phone interview with someone from our Human Resources team. That individual will focus on behavior-based questions to make sure you’re going to fit in with our culture and our team. If all of that goes well, you’ll meet with the people leader you would report to. This will get a little more technical and a little more job-specific. After that, it’s going to be a panel interview. We try to make this as comfortable as possible, so don’t be too stressed. For some candidates, we also do one last interview over coffee or dinner. Just to get you out of the formal setting of the other interviews.

What’s the culture like? 

Our values are outlined above. The culture at GadellNet is progressive. We strive to meet goals, exceed expectations, and do good. If you’re the work hard/play hard type, you’ll get our culture. Our employees are always training to become better, working together to solve complex problems, and feel heard. Some of our best ideas have come from our employees. Slackers need not apply.

Training? Tell me more.

GadellNet has a Training and Development Leader on staff fully dedicated to ensuring our employees are able to get all the training they want and need to continually improve. She doesn’t only focus on finding you technical training, but training for anything you may feel you’re falling short.

What are the people like at GadellNet?

You’re going to work with people you like. We feel confident saying that because a vast majority of our employees say their favorite part of GadellNet is the people. These people are smart, conscientious, and they work with humility.  They put first things first.

What’s GadellNet’s mission?

GadellNet’s mission is to power missions through technology. We power the people who are building the future and changing lives every day. And we know their missions are critical to so many in their communities. So every day our team ensures our clients’ technology runs more efficiently, more powerfully, more seamlessly.

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