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Starting in July, news broke that Google has announced that Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure” Version 68 will notify users in the address bar. All HTTPS sites, which are encrypted, are currently marked with a green lock icon and “secure” sign.

The main reason behind this change is to help users identify unencrypted and potentially threatening sites. When a site uses HTTPS encryption, the channel between a user’s browser and a user’s website is protected to ensure no middleman can tamper with a user’s traffic or worse – spy on what they’re doing.

In the past, it was thought only sites containing sensitive information, such as your bank’s website, needed to be an HTTPS encrypted site, but that no longer stands.  A rising number of sites are able to get enough information from you which could be used maliciously.

The impact on users is expected to be great. It is estimated that 68-78% of all web traffic (depending on the type of device used) is already on secure HTTPS websites, according to This new notification should push most of the remaining reputable sites towards HTTPS.

If your site in an HTTP site, you could see your web traffic decline in July, even if this change is just for one browser. According to zdnet, Chrome browsers accounts for 58.4% of internet users, with Safari coming in a distant second at 13.45% of all traffic. Making the necessary changes now will safeguard your traffic and security.

If you want more information on how to change your site from HTTP to HTTPS, reach out to GadellNet’s consulting team for guidance.

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