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Constant email vigilance is critical to maintaining a secure workplace. Keep these tips in mind every time you check your inbox:


  • Open any email attachments that end with: .exe, .scr, .bat, .com, or other executable files you do not recognize.
  • “Unsubscribe” – it is easier to delete the e-mail than to deal with the security risks.
  • Never click embedded links in messages without hovering your mouse over them first to check the URL.
  • Respond or reply to spam in anyway. Use the delete button.


  • Check the email ‘From’ field to validate the sender. The ‘From’ address may be spoofed.
  • Check for so-called ‘double-extended’ scam attachments. A text file named ‘safe.txt’ is safe, but a file called ‘safe.txt.exe’ is not.
  • Report all suspicious emails to your Information Technology help desk.
  • Note that and are two different domains (and only the first is real).


Email Security Best Practices Infographic

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