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This month, I hit a milestone at GadellNet. I have now been part of this organization for a decade. The growth we’ve experienced in that time has been incredible and the relationships I have created through this organization have been life-changing. Looking back over the last ten years has brought a lot into focus for me. I was inspired by a top 10 tribute that my team put together, and I wanted to share some of the biggest lessons I have learned over the last ten years.  Thank you for being a part of our journey.  I am better because of you.

1) Hire wonderful humans.

Hire individuals who make you look brilliant. They are smart, personable, caring, honest and have hobbies outside of work that make them interesting. We have 115 of them and they are committed to growth everyday. 

2) Find humor in everything.

No days are easy – some better/worse than others, but a good joke and a reasonable disposition get you through a lot.

3) Care deeply.

Sure, it hurts more when things don’t go right (see number 2) – but, if you can harness your emotions AND your intellect – you can do some big things.

4) Be bold, impactful and always on the offense.

Every idea isn’t going to be great (the team listed out the countless terrible ideas of mine), but some are game changing. Don’t let the fear of being wrong get in the way of dramatic improvement.

5) Be clear.

Values, priorities, ethics, accountability, goals, family, friends, leadership style, etc. Clarity creates confidence.

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