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At GadellNet, we strive to bring our clients the highest level of service possible. From our hiring practices to our values to individual’s quarterly goals, everything we do is built around bringing our clients value.

GadellNet viewed our Microsoft partnership no differently and are proud to announce we are now recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner. We achieved this status through our commitment to work effectively with Microsoft products, through continued training for our team, and excellent service for our clients.

This year, GadellNet was named one of the Top 150 Small Business Partners, which was a great honor and allowed me to travel to Seattle for the better part of a week to learn all I could about implementing Microsoft in a way that makes our clients better. Our Gold Partnership takes this a level further and recognizes our status level to be the highest possible. Our partnership helps to set us apart from the competition because of the access to resources we now have, along with the experience and depth of knowledge needed from our team to achieve this level of partnership.

Microsoft also recognizes accomplished competencies. GadellNet currently holds competencies in Microsoft’s Cloud Platform (Gold) and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions (Silver). In addition to our Microsoft partnerships and competencies, GadellNet is also recognized as a Polycom Certified Partner, VMware Solution Provider – Professional, and Lenovo Silver Partner.

As we continue to grow, we want to make sure our clients grow with us. These strategic partnerships put us in a position to make sure that happens. We get some extra perks when we achieve Gold Partnerships, such as unlimited demos, scoping assistance, premium subscriptions, and extra licenses for internal use.

To wrap up, I would like to thank employees across many departments who have been dedicated to getting GadellNet to Microsoft Gold Partnership through hours of training and certification achievement. I would also like to thank our clients who trust us to make tech decisions for them and therefore empower us to blaze a trail as a top Managed Service Provider.

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