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An agriculture company focused on feed for large livestock and needed technology solutions to support their global reach.   

Their previous provider’s main focus was managed print and lacked critical IT managed services skills. A recurring issue which crippled this company’s productivity was wifi issues and brownouts. Bad weather interfered with the wifi because of the way it was set up. They also experienced issues with communication and responsiveness.  This left the company feeling overwhelmed by the state of their technology. After giving their technology provider opportunities to resolve lingering issues they decided to move to a new provider.  

As this organization expands their campus, they require expertise with the technical aspects of the move and a fresh start with their technology, which would allow them to have few disruptions and frustrations. 


A specialized project resolved the brownout and wifi issues. GadellNet embarked on a project to eliminate their lingering wifi and brownout issues and ensure their new buildings were set up properly to support their robust technology needs. This project brings long-term solutions for many recurring problems this team experienced.  

Proactive support, help desk, support, and cybersecurity services are additional top needs of this agricultural organization. GadellNet’s teams of specialized experts in these areas meet the varied technology needs of this organization in a timely and effective manner.  

To resolve the communication issues, GadellNet’s Account Manager maintains a close relationship with the organization. Their Account Manager works closely with them to understand their unique needs as they grow and lay out a technology roadmap that will keep up with their expansion and proactively anticipate issues 


  • Increased reliability of their network  
  • Decreased number of power outages caused by faulty systems  
  • Installed three UPS and three network devices 
  • Wired and set up a new building on their campus  
  • Created comprehensive technology roadmap  


Voice of the customer 

GadellNet made an impact and saved the day.” Account Exective

24/7 Help Desk Support








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