Disaster Recovery Services: Cloud Backup & Business Continuity

Business Continuity and Cloud Backup

In the event of a disaster – minor or major, environmental or technical – loss of data and extended server downtime can cripple a small business. guruhero Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity audits give you confidence that your critical information and technology investments are backed by a secure, tested and comprehensive plan to ensure your St. Louis and Indianapolis based small business is secure.

What is the difference between backup and business continuity?

According to the Contingency Planning and Management Magazine, 40 percent of companies that had a small disaster (building fire, burst pipes, server crashes that result in corrupt data, extended power outages, severe winter storms, etc.) that shut down for three or more days, failed within the next 36 months. This unplanned, unmitigated disaster is the beginning of an end for a small company. When a disaster strikes your company, GadellNet wants you to be prepared.

With digital data growing at an estimated 80% each year and 140,000 hard drives crashing each week in the U.S. alone, backing up this data is a critical task for any business. gurohero is an affordable and secure backup solution that allows you to focus on your business’ future and have the peace of mind knowing your business is less vulnerable to revenue and productivity loss due to a storage system failure. The staff at GadellNet will manage your backups and check on their performance daily, ensuring your data is safe.

Protect your workloads on virtual machines, physical servers, and in the cloud.

Use a single application for fast, reliable backup, replication, and restores of your organization’s critical data. Up to 288 block-level snapshots a day provide recovery point objectives (RPOs) of up to five minutes and near instant RTOs to ensure you always have access to your business-critical systems.

Restore operations almost instantly with a recovery time objective (RTO) of minutes.

With GadellNet’s Live Recovery capability, you can have near continuous access to the data you’ve protected. You can resume the use of an impacted server directly from the backup file without waiting for the production server to have a complete restore.

Perform automated recovery testing and verification of backups.

Have certainty that the data you back up is recoverable with GadellNet’s Verified Recovery capability. GadellNet performs automated nightly mount checks of file systems, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server instances. If a problem is found with corrupt data or application data that will prevent these from being mounted, you are alerted. This gives you time to correct the issues before you need to restore the data after an incident.


Restore a single file, message, or data object to a complete machine.

Restore data at any level, from a single file, message or data object, to a complete machine (physical or virtual), even to dissimilar hardware with GadellNet’s Universal Recovery capability. The data can be restored to any supported system: physical, virtual, or cloud environments, enabling local, offsite or disaster recovery.

Recover from disasters by creating virtual standby VMs.

Continually send updates to a virtual machine that can be activated in case there’s an issue with the primary machine using GadellNet’s Virtual Standby feature. When the primary machine is restored, you are able to fail back with all the changes that were sent to the standby VM.