Low Voltage Consulting

Ensure your new facility is ready for operations on day one with help from our team of strategic IT consultants.  We work as an owner’s advocate for consistent and cohesive design and implementation of low voltage systems in your new building, facility or campus.

We work to ensure that all systems are properly connected including – Access Control and Security, Audio-Visual, Telecommunication, Point of Sale, and VoIP.  In senior living communities, special attention is given to Nurse Call, Area of Rescue, and CCTV platforms.

Our team will coordinate design development meetings with project owners, architects, developers, general contractors and manage sub-contractors of all trades involved from inception through construction.

Our measure of success is operational readiness when construction is complete and effective use of capital for all technology spend throughout the process.

Inception and Concept

  • Create and review concept and plans with owners, architects and builders
  • Assist with site drawings and concept
  • Advise for technical and architectural planning, LV environment and budget

Design and Development

  • Determine design for functional space and LV needs
  • Review drawings, construction materials, availability of services and code requirements
  • Prepare specifications and bid process for low voltage services with team: LV cabling, dry utilities, access control, nurse call, security, POS, audio-visual, wander management, digital signage, wireless, television, IT infrastructure, and telephone services
  • Prepare and send RFQs for appropriate LV services
  • Review and advise management team in awarding of LV contracts


  • Coordinate all aspects of LV services during construction – oversee schedules, contract compliance, documentation, inspect work as appropriate
  • Lead regular, cross functional meetings with LV vendors, construction team and management

Occupancy and Operations

  • Certify project completion with LV vendors
  • Provide management with as-built drawings and documentation
  • Test systems prior to inspection
  • Plan and coordinate move-in and occupancy

Project Experience

The Sunny Vista Retreat is a new AL/MC facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In addition to normal design and management of LV, GadellNet acted as the owner’s representative in dealing with many vendor issues. We provided “save the project” efforts on many fronts, forcing contractors to correct design and construction flaws, reviewing and correcting invoices with erroneous charges of thousands of dollars, and bringing to the table a contractor trying to use inferior products and services. In addition, we discovered a set of electrical wires for access control overlooked by the GC, and stepped in to rectify shortly before the walls, doors and ceiling were closed, finished and painted.
"They took over the coordination of all the systems, answered questions for the other LV subcontractors, scheduled work, pushed the general contractor, honestly, pushed me when needed. They arranged the service providers, and in general made everything work without a hitch. They were key in making the project a success. I got to concentrate on dealing with the construction issues and getting the project complete. My stress level went down significantly."
Rosemark of Mayfair Park is a Denver AL/MC Community. GadellNet was hired partway through construction to manage LV vendors, resolve many issues between vendors and the owners, and provide a smooth transition to operations. With the many challenges of stepping into an ongoing project, we were able to creatively apply our knowledge of IT systems to assist the facility to open on time. Internet and telephone services and not been secured, and facilities already under concrete were not acceptable to providers; the planned wireless access point system was insufficient for enterprise operations supporting nurse call and life safety; several issues related to HIPAA compliance regulations had not been taken into account; and service provisions for residents were not sufficient in this high end facility. GadellNet provided many hours of last minute consultations, meetings, telephone calls, and onsite visits to work with vendors to change scopes and bring the facility to fruition.

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