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GadellNet’s Service Director, Curt McCann, is hitting a huge milestone – retirement! The end of this year will mark the beginning of a new chapter for Curt.  

This is also a milestone for GadellNet as Curt is our first employee to retire from the organization.  

Curt began his journey at GadellNet in 2018. Starting as an Account Manager, he eventually worked his way to the tech side and has served in several rolls, culminating in a director role.  

Before joining GadellNet, Curt had a very successful career in both Marketing and IT. At the age of 43, Curt decided a career change was needed and went to Lindenwood University to get his BA in Information Technology. After many years of working as an IT Operations Manager in the aerospace industry, Curt made the jump to GadellNet where he found a career (and a home) that was the perfect blend of his IT and Marketing backgrounds. 

“[The office closing] afforded me the opportunity to be very selective in the company where I would, hopefully, finish my career. Luckily for me GadellNet and I found each other; the rest is history.”

Curt McCann

Curt felt his passion was appreciated when he came to GadellNet. He expressed feeling valued here. He loved the culture and knew it would be the last place he would ever work in a traditional sense.  

GadellNet offers employees a 401(k) (traditional and Roth) and provides access to financial advisors to help employees and their families plan for retirement. These services helped Curt reach his retirement goals. 

“GadellNet offering a Roth 401k is monumental in my retirement strategy. Many retirement-age folks, Including myself, find out too late why that is a huge benefit!” Curt shared.  “Once I realized the Roth 401k was available to me, I had to call the Lincoln Financial folks to find out what I could do to maximize this benefit, and they were very helpful.   All that to say that GadellNet has allowed me to use resources and investment vehicle choices to improve how I live in the post-Gadellnet world of retirement!”

“I’m no financial advisor, but we all, as GadellNet employees, can learn the things that really matter in how we will live later on from the pros that are provided free for us!” 

Curt McCann

The decision to retire came when Curt’s wife was given the opportunity to retire. Curt said, “We knew it was time to play!” Curt’s good health also factored into his decision.  

Curt’s retirement plans include caring for aging parents, traveling America in his family motorhome, snowbirding in Alabama and South Carolina, and trips to Germany and Thailand.  

Curt admits to being an entrepreneur at heart and says he may want to start his own business at some point. One that allows him to work when and where he wants. First, however, he will focus on relaxing and enjoying time with his wife as a “well-seasoned and happy couple.”  

Curt’s big personality and work ethic has added a lot to the GadellNet team and culture. Our clients and employees love him, and we will miss him when he is no longer in the office every day.  

The GadellNet family wishes you all the best to you in your next chapter, Curt!  

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