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Doug O’Donnell Doug O’Donnell Solutions Consultant Linkedin Link

Doug was GadellNet’s first employee and started with us in 2008 as an intern. Since then he has worn many different hats within our organization. He is currently our Client Engineering Leader and leads a team of 3 Client Site Engineers and 2 Systems Engineers. Not only does he manage these 5 individuals, but he also serves as a Tier 3 support engineer for any problems that arise.

Describe GNET in on word.

What sets GNET apart from our competition?
There are many things that separate GadellNet from other IT firms out there, but if I had to pick one thing I would say it is the GadellNet Culture. The environment is relaxed yet responsible. We strive to keep a balance between work/family life. We have a gym to help our employees find time to exercise and a ping pong table for some friendly competition. Don’t be surprised if you see remote control helicopters flying around the office. Our engineers are always ready and willing to help each other. GadellNet is really a big family.

Why do you love GNET?
I love GadellNet for many reasons. I started when GadellNet was just one person, Joe Gadell. For the past 7 years I’ve seen it grow from 1 person to 45 people. As GadellNet grows and evolves we’ve always kept our fun and welcoming atmosphere. I’ve met some great people in and outside of the office and have gained some incredible skills while working here. Joe, Tom, and Nick are some of the greatest owners a company can have and I am astonished at what we have accomplished the past 7 years. I am proud to say I work at GadellNet.

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