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Jared Sangeorzan Jared Sangeorzan Vice President - Project Services

Jared was the first employee hired in our Indianapolis office! He was forced to start on the ground running on his first day! Since joining GadellNet in 2012 as a Network Engineer, he has been promoted to the Vice President of Project Services. Jared ensures that all projects across the organization, have the materials that they need and are running on time.

What unique experiences and projects have you been involved with at GadellNet?
I was involved with launching the Indy branch. I am proud to say that I was employee #1 in Indy!

What sets GadellNet apart from our competition?
Customer Service is our biggest factor. Being friendly and supportive to our clients, while going the extra mile to ensure all issues have been fixed, is what set GadellNet apart from our clients.

How would you describe GadellNet’s Culture?

What impresses you about GadellNet?
The company benefits and their understanding of employee’s needs.

Why do you love GadellNet?
They are great people to work with, and everyone is always ready to help each other out.

Describe GadellNet in one word:

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