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Maurice Shim Maurice Shim Onsite Team Lead

Maurice graduated with a degree in Computer Systems Technology from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. He’s have spent the last 10 years working within the managed services I.T space, having worked a variety of different roles from service desk technician, account management, operations, and director of managed services positions.

What is your favorite GNet job perk?
COFFEE Variety! Being able to make a great cup of freshly ground French press coffee is a huge plus (Thank you Mike Shroll)

How would you describe our culture?
On top of our core values, everyone I’ve interacted with here is always willing to help which is great. The people here are personable and approachable, and there’s a strong sense that we all do everything we can we the information, and time we have available.

What impresses you about GadellNet?
To me I think the most impressive thing about GadellNet, is our ability to communicate so effectively internally. The fact that we are able to bridge the cap between two offices in different locations, with numerous departments is a testament to how we are leveraging technologies like Teams, and Slack.

What are you a HUGE fan of?
Poker, Travelling, Cars, Food, my beloved Toronto Raptors, and Blue Jays.

Get to know more about Maurice here:

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