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Mike Penrose Mike Penrose Service Desk Engineer

Mike started with us after obtaining his degree in Computer/Information Administration and Management from Vatterott. Mike started with GadellNet as a Service Desk Engineer and was quickly promoted to a Client Site Engineer. Mike’s niche client base are those customers who are in the education industry. Mike’s superior customer service and love for education has made him excel in this role.

Why did you join GadellNet?
I joined GadellNet to learn. When I came to GadellNet I had no practical experience. I brought my Customer Service background and a foundation in technology to the table and GadellNet gave me the tools to succeed.

What advice would you give to future GadellNet employees/applicants?
Make the most of this opportunity. You have a large amount of experience to draw from, and in turn share, with this team.

Describe GadellNet in one word:

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