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Patricia Vargas Patricia Vargas Procurement Coordinator

My role as a Service Desk Engineer has allowed me to expand my knowledge in my IT career. I work with all kinds of people, all kinds of technologies and always have the support I need to move forward.

Why did you join GadellNet?
I joined GadellNet because of the atmosphere and how nice and welcoming everyone was during the interview process.

What is your favorite GNET job perk?
My favorite GNet job perk is definitely being able to work from home and Snacks!

Why do you love GadellNet?
I love GadellNet because of their culture of Grow or Die. There are many opportunities for growth as well as many learning opportunities.

How would you describe GNet’s culture?
Innovative, knowledgeable & friendly.

What impresses you about GadellNet?
The thing that impresses me most about GadellNet is how open and friendly everyone is.

Describe GadellNet in one word:

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