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Rion Kolosieke Rion Kolosieke Leader, Strategic Consulting Linkedin Link

Rion’s responsibilities as a Strategic Consultant include aligning an organization’s needs and future planning with the everchanging technology landscape. Rion creates client strategic IT roadmaps, works with technology budgeting, builds relationships with clients, and coordinates with vendors. Rion has worked in the technology field since 2006. He brings to his clients experience as a systems administrator, a project leader, and a solutions architect. These experiences give Rion a multi-faceted approach to addressing the technology needs of our clients. Rion is an expert at making sure your organization is in the best possible position to meet your goals.

Rion has a Bachelor’s of Science in Compute/Information Technology Administration and Management and a Computer Aided Drafting Associates degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Rion is based in the St. Louis area. When Rion is not working closely with clients, he can be found cycling.

Articles Written by Rion Kolosieke:

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