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Shawn Clarkson Shawn Clarkson Project Services Senior Technical Leader

As GadellNet’s Project Engineering Leader, Shawn develops and maintains the infrastructure project lifecycle. He is responsible for leading a team of Project Engineers to effectively recommend, quote and implement quality solutions. Shawn has over 14 years of experience in the industry.

Why did you join GadellNet?
Needed a challenge. GNET offers that and more.

What unique experiences and projects have you been involved with at GadellNet?
There have been too many to count. The most unique project, that I worked on was configuring a phone system via power from a cigarette lighter in the car, tethered to a Sprint mifi device, on the way home after moving a client’s datacenter to Milwaukee in the dead of winter, with a -17 wind chill.

What is your favorite GadellNet job perk?
The flexibility in schedule. Simply can’t be beat.

Describe GadellNet in one word:

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