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Tabitha Stickradt Tabitha Stickradt Vice President - Managed Services

Why did you join GNET?:
From the very first meeting I had with Gadellnet I could see that the energy and drive to be something great was evident. I wanted to be apart of that.

What is your favorite GNET job perk?
It’s the people. I’ve never seen an entire company work so collaboratively together for one goal – customer satisfaction. The teamwork here is like no other place I’ve ever worked at.

What sets Gadellnet apart from our competition?
We care. Sometimes it’s that simple.

How would you describe GNET’s culture?
The culture here is hardworking yet fun. You’re always encouraged to grow, learn and do more.

Why do you love GadellNet?
I love working here. I strive to be better, to be more and I love solving our client’s problems while still growing Gadellnet’s vision. We are a place of people who care about client’s needs and we do so in a personable way. This is IT help in the best way possible.

Describe Gadellnet in one word:

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