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The unofficial launch to the holiday shopping season is just days away. Black Friday will see deals on everything you could need for your gift list. However, if you’re like me, you prefer to skip the lines and the crowds and do you Christmas shopping online. Cyber Monday has been a great way to save some time while shopping. Unfortunately, there are some risks involved when you’re putting your personal information and credit card information out on the web.

To make sure you have a great holiday season, without any security issues, read through two online shopping security tips.

  1. Set up Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentications adds another step to your login aka another method to your authentication. Amazon has made my life so much easier. I plan to do a ton of shopping on Amazon for Christmas this year. If you’re an avid Amazon user, you might have noticed that your password doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be updated. Although this is convenient for you, it isn’t very secure. With multi-factor authentication, you up the security on your Amazon account or any other account where you store personal and credit card information when you set it up. Typically, a multi-factor will have you type in your password as usual, but you will also need to type in a one-time security code that is sent to your phone. Just go into your security settings on any online retailer that you have an account with and saved card information and get it set up.

  1. Apple Pay & Google Wallet

Apple Pay and Google Wallet are two of the most secure forms of payment currently available. You can use these systems in store, online, and in app. When you’re in the store and you want to use Apple Pay or Google Wallet, all you do is tap your phone to the card reader and use your thumb print or PIN.  An individual transaction code is created so the store, site, or app you made the purchase through never sees your card information. Basically, there is a middle man so your card information is never directly given to the retailer.

As always, be sure to stay aware of all emails, especially those with attachments or those asking you to complete an action this holiday season. This time of year is one that cyber criminals know they can prey on more consumers than usual. Hover over links before clicking to make sure the site you’re actually being directed to is the one you want to land on.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the security team at GadellNet

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