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This week, we are talking about Drift, one of the easiest ways to connect with people who land on your website directly. Drift is a chat platform. When someone arrives on your website, a chat box will pop up in the bottom right corner. What these visitors see is completely up to you. For us, we have a picture of our marketing leader (who answers the chats) and a message asking if she can help visitors learn more about GadellNet. There is also a note letting our current customers know this is not service desk chat to submit tickets. You could put anything here, though, such as offering help with scheduling an appointment or information about a promotion or event you have going on. Although this first message is automated, if someone engages with this chat, it goes straight to a real person. 

Drift will keep track of these messages on their platform so you can see how your website is performing over time, when you are most likely to get a chat, and how quickly you are typically able to respond. The backend of Drift also allows you to set different messages to appear at different times, say, after hours. You may have the automated message let people know that you’re not available, but you’ll get back with them if they leave their information.

Additional features include branding the chat box to match the colors and theme on your website, setting up multiple users, and a playbook where you can save typical responses, such as phone numbers or email address that are often helpful for your chat messages. 

To learn more about Drift, click here.

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