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At GadellNet, we have three main strategic goals that never change. We want to Grow or Die, Make an Impact, and have 100% Responsibility and 0% Excuses. We strive to meet these goals in our daily work, in our quarterly planning, in our yearly initiatives, and beyond. These three guiding principles touch everything we do at GadellNet.  

In a recent company-wide meeting, I shared photos of our team and the many things we’ve done outside of the daily grind over the last few months. When I see these pictures, knowing the stories behind them, I know in a big way, GadellNet’s leadership team has really succeeded. Not because we created growth or revenue gains, but because we used our three guiding principles to find people to hire who care about more than just coming to work and going home. We have found people who champion causes they believe in and get others involved, not because they have to, but because they move others to care about what’s important to them. These employee-driven initiatives have impacted the communities we live and work in by giving our employees a chance to share their talents and passions with our full support.

In this first picture, we see a group of GadellNet volunteers at a charity golf outing. This was organized by one of our Client Site Engineers, Eric. GadellNet has sponsored charity golf outings in the past, but nothing like this. Eric was able to get many more team members to rally around this special cause where the golf pros at the course helped disabled persons learn to play. This event was able to raise over $250,000.



In this photo we see another Client Site Engineer, Mike. Mike championed a cause and it spread like wildfire around GadellNet. He offered to bike in this tutu if GadellNet employees were able to raise a certain dollar amount for a cancer charity, benefitting one of our clients. Not only did we quickly exceed that dollar amount, but with GadellNet matching employee contributions, we raised over $4,000.



Here we see a portion of sheet the sheets GadellNet collected for an organization that gives them to children fighting cancer. This cause was championed by Jama, an Account Manager here at GadellNet, who partnered with Sheets from Home, an organization based in Carmel that makes kids fighting cancer in the hospital feel a little more at home through fun and colorful sheets. We were able to raise so many sheets for these kids that when they had their gathering to choose sheets, kids were able to request certain characters, and we had them in stock for them. We raised more sheets than we have people.



This big GadellNet Logo was a passion project championed by one of our Product Managers, Scott. He was so taken with GadellNet’s culture when he first started here that within a few months of starting, he had suggested this project, received approval, and assembled a team of peers who were willing to stay after work and help him with this project.



Here we see Director, Operations, Chad, teaching a class on IT customer service for St. Louis’s NPower organization. This is a great chance for individuals who are not yet in the tech field to get a real taste of what its like and talk to someone who tons of experience in the field. These young adults had a great time and we enjoyed helping grow a passion for tech in these individuals.


In these photos, we see Scott, Product Manager, giving a cyber security talk with Brad, our Vice President of Strategic Services and myself also giving a cyber security talk. In these two separate events, our team was educating local business leaders on what they can do right now to improve their cyber security. These low and no cost measures are some of the baseline defenses that companies need to stay secure.

Scott and Brad’s Event:


Nick’s event:


In this photo, I am giving a culture talk at TINYcon by TINYpulse. We’ve used this feedback platform for years to create channels of open communication for our employees. This national conference was a great chance for us to talk about the data behind our values and what drives us forward. The best part, we were chosen to speak at this event because of the data TINYpulse sees about our response rates, our employee happiness, and our feedback.



It’s been engrained in GadellNet’s values to hire the people who break the mold, and through the last few months, we have been reminded time and time again that we’ve succeeded in that. Our employees have brought their passions to work in the best way possible. At GadellNet, we are always proud to give back to our communities in any way we can. As a leader, however, it makes it all the sweeter to see employees champion causes and make a real difference.

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