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Going Green isn’t exactly a new concept. It has even had a few different aliases. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Clean Energy. Environmentally Friendly. Eco-Friendly. Only you can prevent forest fires.. Okay, maybe that last one was a little further off. The point is, over the years lots of industries have tried to put going green in vogue. The tech industry has a fighting chance because the innovations and advancement made in the tech industry can have a real impact on our planet.

1. Green Energy & IT Joining Forces

We are able to use our phones as GPS devices and our fridge can pull up a recipe for us to use. These are just two examples of IT making us more efficient and greener. Our everyday uses for technology are far stretching but they are also becoming more and more streamlined.

2. Defining Green IT

This is a first step towards a huge shift in the world. When IT Goes Green, so much energy will be Going Green with it. But what does that look like? Check out our blog post from last week that outlines this.

3. Green Data Centers

Green Data Centers are important to the ecosystem because they are so widely used. Data takes about 15% of the world’s energy and this large portion can Go Green with smarter cooling, better efficiencies, and smarter utilization of resources. As our wold becomes more reliant on data, Green Data Centers will only become more important.

4. Transportation going Green

City buses and carpooling do fall under this category. Everyone has become a little more cognizant of cars that are a little better for the environment too. This has been aided by government regulations on vehicle manufacturers and incentive programs like “Cash for Clunkers.”

5. Being an IT Innovator

Innovation is the key to future success. Being an IT innovator can create Green Solutions that have the potential to be used across the world. On a smaller scale, Clean Innovations can be applied to different ares of your business, such as how you move data, people, systems, communication, and transactions.

6. A Green Supply Chain

Are there ways your Supply Chain can Go Green? Assign a task force to take a look at your supply chain and see if there are areas where improvements for efficiency can be made. You might even find ways to save money along the way, especially if your supply chain has not been audited in a while.

7. Green Biofuels

Could this be your Green Supply Chain Solution? It is certainly a Green trend that we have all heard a lot about over the years, but has been gaining traction recently. Biofuels might finally be moving away from being a niche energy source, so long as they can prove to be sustainable.

8. Affordable Alternate Energy Sources

Creating solar energy- been there, done that. Making this energy source available to the masses is the next step to watch out for. This could have tremendous benefits for the planet, just as wind power is predicted to have. Wind power and solar energy are each beginning to take market share away from both coal and oil.

9. Meaningful Green IT Results

Build on small wins when it comes to getting your company to Go Green. Two popular avenues most companies can improve are energy and conservation and waste management. All the small changes made add up.

10. Serve Customers Smarter with Green IT

Customer buying decision are influenced by how Green a company is. This moves more companies towards Green strategies and allows them to interact with customers in more environmentally friendly ways. Teaching your customers how to Go Green helps everyone.

Learn more about how the tech industry can Go Green.

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