Low Voltage Consulting: Your partner in budgeting and planning for IT

How can Low Voltage Consulting help you budget and plan for IT in your new construction or renovation?

Executive Summary

Low Voltage systems are those components that are 50 volts of electricity or less and provide commercial properties with networking and wireless capabilities and beyond. These low voltage systems are an important part of any new build or renovation and require proper planning and preparation. Low Voltage Consultants bring knowledge and experience to guide you through the planning process and beyond, ensuring the final product is a building ready for all the necessary IT systems that keep your organization running.

This article will review what Low Voltage Consulting is, what it is used for, and the benefits of using a consultant. We walk through the process from inception to occupancy to help you understand how this engagement can be part of maximizing your investment in IT.

Inception and Concept
Design and Development
Construction Coordination
Network Infrastructure and IT Operations
Occupancy and Beyond

Learn more about the five step process of Low Voltage Consulting.