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As a small business owner and CEO, I am continuously trying to learn and stay informed. A great way I’ve found to do that is to login to LinkedIn in the morning and catch up with some of the top influencers. I have about 10 favorites that I wanted to share with you.

1. James Altucher

He wrote Choose Yourself and is one of the top 10 LinkedIn influencers. He has an entrepreneur spirit that I enjoy. His posts about contributing to each other’s success is a refresher for me on being a team player and lifting others up.

2. Simon Sinek

If you want to be the kind of leader that inspires people and is able to chase bold goals, this is a guy to follow. Simon also has a great way of connecting any organization with what actually drives them forward, their “why.”

3. Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr focuses on technology and data, which is great for me. His insights and commentary on data in business inspire me to make sure we have the ability to harness the power of our data within GadellNet but also to make sure it’s possible for our clients.

4. Ryan Holmes

If you want to know just how to bring your customer a strategy they can understand, Ryan is your guy. His background is in sales, but his modern take on the process is a great way to remind yourself how to get things done in a customer-centric way.

5. Adam Grant

Anther tech guy who has a data-driven mindset but knows that true success lies in building teams and people. I enjoy his wealth of knowledge about making tech an outcomes-based discipline. His leadership style is both analytical and human.

6. Lazlo Bock

Head of Humu? He’s one of the Co-founds and aside from having an awesome name, he also has an awesome leadership style all about giving people freedom. It’s sort of where hard science and happy people meet.

7. Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen’s book The Happiness Project instills in us once more that there’s more to life than work. She divides people into four categories and believes happiness is habitual. This is a great feed if you need a small reminder to step back and be happy.

8. Joel Peterson

As a professor by trade, he has a great way of delivering nuggets of information that are applicable to your daily life. He believes in mentorship and building relationships to succeed.

9. Jonah Berger

His ideas are small. I don’t mean insignificant by any stretch of the imagination, but his feed is all about making those small adjustments to create big change. On some levels, he strips things back to the basics, which is refreshing.

10. Charlene Li

She leads leaders and helps them thrive. She brings digital elements together with leadership practices that have been around in a new way. Many of her articles bring together things you may hold in juxtaposition. It’s a great feed for brand, leadership, and making you go, “hmm, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.”

If your 2018 resolution includes becoming a more informed leader, try getting these feeds in front of yourself regularly. They’re all great reminders of ways you can continuously improve yourself to improve your people and your company.

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