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Each year at GadellNet, we award a few of our employees with some special honors. These awards are peer-voted and with as many exceptional employees as we have, it can be tough to choose the winners. Our awards include the following: Ownership Award, Make an Impact Award, Most Improved, Transformer Award, Best Attitude Award, Sharpen the Saw Award, The New Blue aka the Rookie of the Year Award, and finally the True Blue Award. These eight individuals are honored during our annual Holiday party.

Here are our 8 honorees for 2017:

Ownership Award: Jim Shoulberg

From a peer, “Jim Shoulberg is constantly learning new things and sharing with others. He has an awesome attitude and makes a daily impact on our customers & with our GNet team. He listened to the calls of the team to utilize Slack in a better way and he transformed our communication to make us better.”

Make an Impact Award: Joe Hedden

From a peer, “Joe Hedden has already started leading people and improving processes. I don’t know all of the details but from what I can tell, he is owning some stuff that makes a big difference internally and for clients.”

Most Improved Award: Patricia Vargas

From a peer, “Patricia has improved by leaps and bounds since 2016. She has grown in technical and customer service skills. She moved from a coordinator to the service desk and has been an asset to that team.”

Transformer Award: Chad Menard

From a peer, “This has been the hardest one for me to choose. But Chad’s team has grown tremendously and he has led that and been able to make sure it’s sustainable. His son did a profile about him and tech bc he just thinks it’s so cool what his dad does. That speaks volumes. Even though my department is far removed if I do ever need anything he is so helpful. He also keeps it real as the most extreme oxymoron I know – being both a big-time techy and a dedicated outdoorsman.”

Best Attitude Award: Jeni Strouth

From a peer, “Jeni is a very positive person with a thoughtful and helpful demeanor. She is very talented and humble about her wonderful skills. Jeni goes out of her way to make sure I have everything that I need and offers to help out in anyway that she can.”

Sharpen the Saw Award: Scott Mitchell

From a peer, “He’s really taken the security role to heart and has made great strides. Coming from no knowledge of the products to being a SME is amazing.”

New Blue Award: Tabitha Stickradt

From a peer, “I could nominate everyone on this list without question, but I’m going with Tabitha. While I’ve not been working on Rapid Response since she’s joined the team, I consistently see and observe amazing results and survey responses for her. She has shown us her true color (blue), and is an outstanding asset to our clients.”

True Blue Award: Brad Hettenhausen

From a peer, “Brad has made an impact on GadellNet this year. He has taken Sentry to a new level. Brad saw a need, developed it, and brought that need to the table. In doing so he has made an impact on I clients by helping to educate them and to keep their systems safe.”


Congratulations to all of our award winners. We thank you for your dedication to GadellNet and look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring for each of you.

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