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Choosing the right printer can be difficult. You may not know all the choices available to you (and there are many), but they can affect your everyday. When you take into consideration the efficiencies that can be created or lost by this choice, the stakes get even higher. Your printing environment is nothing to shove off to the side.

Consider these 5 features before your next printer purchase.

  1. Black and White or Color & Black and White

Do you need color? Most people will say yes, but color printers and color printing can be much costlier than strictly black and white. You can also choose a printer with settings available so you can dictate who can use color printing.

  1. Number of Pages Printer Per Month

The sheer volume of pages printed should be considered before you get very far into choosing your next printer. Does your office print less than 1,000 pages per month? More than 30,000 pages per month? The printer you choose should be able to handle your printing demands with ease and without wasted paper, toner, ink, or energy.

  1. Size of Pages

This feature might not be something you’ve thought of, but consider the size of the pages you want your printer to be able to print. You can choose just 8.5 x 11 or 8.4 x 14, 11 x 17, or 12 x 18. These are all pretty standard and can be found easily from major printers.

  1. Features

You want your printer to do more than print, right? Copy, scan, fax, staple, collate, and fold are all popular features. Some of these features can save your staff tons of manual time and energy and are worth their weight in gold in ROI.

  1. Printer location

Will your printer sit on a countertop? Will it sit on the floor? Have you thought of where you might put it yet? Consider this before you get too attached to any printer. If you don’t have space for a floor model, you may have to compromise some of the neat features you were hoping for.

If you want further assistance with choosing the right printer or learning more about your own printing environment, contact GadellNet.

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